Why I Write

I need to write almost as much as I need to breathe. Its my way of making sense of things, of clarifying ideas. Its how I discover what it is I really think, feel or believe about things.

When I don’t write, I start to feel overwhelmed. My head is so busy with thoughts and ideas spinning around, crashing into each other. There is so much noise in there some days.

Writing allows me to take those thoughts out of my head and put them into some sort of order. It allows me to experience peace. It allows me to focus. It allows me to reflect and to learn.

I write every day, in many forms, but probably the most satisfying form of all is blogging, even though I don’ t do it very regularly. I think its because its public. I have to be disciplined. I can’t go round and round in circles, navel gazing and being self indulgent. I have to get to the point.

And when I get to the point I learn. I figure out who I am, what I believe in, what I value and what I need to do. It’s how I grow.

That’s why I write.

Why do you write?