The Meaning of Dreams

Dreams fascinate me and for years a hobby of mine has been interpreting them. It amazes me how so many of us have the same or very similar dreams.

I have a recurring dream in which my teeth start to fall out. Sometimes they don’t actually fall out, but become very loose and I have to keep pushing them back into my gums until I get to a dentist. Of course the dentist is never available – he will have moved offices, or be closed.

According to an article I read in a 1980s Australian Women’s Weekly, its a classic anxiety dream. The teeth represent control and when you have the teeth falling out dream it tells you that there is an area of your life you are afraid you have lost control of. I don’t know how reliable the AWW is when it comes to dream interpretation, but the teeth-falling-out dream certainly coincides with some of my periods of anxiety.

My favourite guide to dream interpretation a book called “Dreaming True”

Unlike the dream dictionaries out there which give you a list of common themes and tell you what they symbolise, Dreaming True gives you a list of questions to ask yourself about your dreams. Whenever I interpret one of my dreams using the list, I have some sort of epiphany about my life. There is usually something I need to do, or something I need to resolve – its all bubbling around in my unconscious mind and the dreams are my mind’s attempt to bring things to the surface.

2 weeks ago I had a series of dreams that were very distressing. In the first, my boyfriend and I were co-conspirators in a Dexter like assassination plot.We had to murder some man, I’m not sure why. After the man had been killed, I looked down at him and realised it was my boyfriend lying there – dead. I cradled him in my arms, and begged him to come back to life, but it was hopeless.

The dream was so distressing that I woke up and it took me some time to get back to sleep.

When I finally did return to sleep, I dreamed that we were skydiving. We jumped out of the plane, but our rip cords wouldn’t work, so we were plummeting towards earth and certain death.

I woke up again. After falling asleep again I had a third dream. This time we were snorkelling around the Great Barrier Reef when all of a sudden we were attacked by a group of hungry sharks. We were about to be ripped apart by their jaws when I awoke.

The next morning the dreams’ meaning became immediately obvious. The previous weekend I had been an absolute b*** to my poor boyfriend. He was out most of the weekend and I was annoyed because I was stuck with all the chores – again. I gave him a really hard time on the few occasions we did spend time together that weekend – which was stupid. It would have been so much better to be just enjoying the time we had.

Anyway, the dreams were a warning from my subconscious that if I kept carrying on like that I could destroy our relationship (shark and parachute dream) and lose him forever (accidently killing my boyfriend dream). 

Needless to say, I apologised to my boyfriend and have been super nice to him ever since.

Have you ever had a dream with a message or have recurring dreams? Do you think dreams have messages for us, or is dream interpretation just a load of old bollocks? I’d love to hear what you think, so please leave a message in the comments.