Oneregard started as a reading journal that I didn’t expect people to find. It was a way for me to practise blogging in private, and I planned to reveal it to the world only after I had the whole blog thing figured out. However my first lesson was that if you put something online, people will find it, even if you are not ready. And that’s been great. I’ve learned far more about blogging since I’ve had a real audience, and I love meeting and interacting with other bloggers.

For a while I worried that I didn’t have a focus. Most advice about blogging suggests that you should limit yourself to just a few main topics. It’s kinder to your readers that way. If they expect to be reading book reviews, they will be annoyed if the focus suddenly changes to cooking.

Over time, its become a place where I grapple with what it is to be human, where I bare my soul, where I reflect and try to make sense of things. Life seems to be a perpetual journey of becoming, and I share some of my journey here.


4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Corisel… when I first started my blog, I had no idea in which direction it was going to take me in. Now, almost two years later (…ish) I still have no idea, but I know that I enjoy blogging. And like you, I enjoy meeting other bloggers on line too!

  3. I think I enjoy the interaction because bloggers are usually reflective and think quite deeply. It’s rarely boring or superficial.

    Thanks for leaving a comment, Tom.

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