Something that’s been bringing me joy lately is this leadlight tulip lamp. I’d been admiring it for weeks where it stood lighting a side table at my local winebar of all places. Two nights ago, after an evening of wine and tapas, it just made sense to buy it. I should probably point out that as well as being a winebar, they sell furnishings, jewellery – all sorts of stuff. Even the leather lounges that you sit on are for sale.

So we took home this over the top, flowery lamp – completely different from our usual simple and modern style. I love the warm, not too bright light it emits. Perfect for reading in the evening. And I love the red glowing tulips which are much more scarlet in real life than they appear in this photograph.

And I love that it’s pretty and sort of carefree, and that some would consider it bad taste.

I know they say money can’t buy happiness, but this purchase definitely brought with it a little bit of joy.


Update: Hmmm, now that I think about it, it’s probably more a lotus than a tulip lamp.


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