Are most bloggers introverts?

I’m starting to suspect that many of us who blog are introverts.

As an introvert I need my time to process things and I can spend hours absorbed in my thoughts, turning things over and exploring ideas.

Blogging helps me find clarity, much as keeping a diary did during my teenage years. The difference is, that because it is public, I have to be more disciplined and (hopefully) less self indulgent.

As an introvert, I find small talk difficult, boring and quite frustrating at times. I dislike going to social events where I know that will be the main form of communication. I’ve become better at it overtime, but its not something I am comfortable with.

However, if someone starts to talk to me about ideas, then I’m hooked. If I have the opportunity for someone to tell me what ideas they are exploring, or what makes them tick, I am usually fascinated and will happily stay for hours.

I think that’s why I like blogging and Twitter but loathe Facebook. When I read blogs, I find out what’s important to people, what they are thinking about, what drives them. When I write my blog, I have the chance to communicate the issues or ideas that have been occupying my mind. There’s substance to blogs, and the links that are shared on Twitter.

Facebook on the other hand, feels shallow and annoying. I left it almost a year ago, and haven’t missed it for a moment. I blogged about why I left Facebook here.

Since my introverted tendencies attract me to blogging, I suspect it attracts many other introverts as well. I’ve decided to put my theory to the test using this extremely reliable scientific poll.


5 thoughts on “Are most bloggers introverts?

  1. I hesitated between introvert and ambivert (good word, not heard that one before!) but went for introvert because although I score between the two on tests, I need alone time to recharge and am depleted by extroverting myself, even though I can enjoy it. That was a useful definition I read recently (on a blog of course!).
    I guess I’d expect blogging to appeal to sociable introverts because extroverts are busy being out in the real world actually socialising! But maybe the extroverts are blogging from internet cafes rather than the peace and quiet of their own homes 🙂

  2. I think a disproportionate amount of writers in general are introverts. We do love our inner worlds and ideas.:) I feel the same way about Facebook. I like to read other’s updates but feel put upon to consistently tack up my own status for the day. I do find it easier to put up links on my website’s Facebook fan page. I guess because that is connecting with others through ideas. Thanks for a thought provoking post.:)

  3. I’m more introverted now than I used to be, but when I was less introverted I wasn’t an extrovert, if that makes any sense whatsoever! And I couldn’t stand Facebook. I quite like Twitter though!

  4. You are so right about bloggers being introverted. Or most writers for that matter. I think it has to do with the work itself. Writing is a solitary experience. However, I am very much the extrovert, and I LOVE to talk to people so I spend less time writing than I do out meeting and chatting. I have found, though, that when I get to meet writers, they are often withdrawn, so unlike their writing. That’s why I wonder if I can ever actually write a whole book!

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