The Cure – Reflections – @ The Sydney Opera House 31/5/11

There was no support act. The lights simply dimmed and the iconic figure of Robert Smith walked  to the middle of the stage. The Cure opened at The Sydney Opera House, to thunderous applause,  with  10:15 on a Saturday night.

They played their first three albums in their entirety. Starting with 3 Imaginary Boys, moving onto 17 Seconds and finishing with Faith. The crowd were in ecstasy, engulfed in the joyful, melancholic, uplifting and haunting music. Music that we never thought we would hear performed live in such a way and in such a venue.

It was a special night, and the Sydney Opera House, where there are no bad seats made it all the more so. Unlike the larger venues, the Opera House manages to achieve a sense of intimacy and connection between the audience and the band.

And then the album show was over. We expected an encore – the typical 3 song first encore, followed by 2 song sand maybe 1 additional song if we were lucky.

As the band returned to the stage, they seemed strangely energised. Robert Smith who had said very little throughout seemed, well, jaunty. He smiled and greeted the crowd warmly. And then the magic happened.

The Cure performed 3 encores, 14 songs in total – longer than any of the albums. They played B-sides and rarities, popular songs such as Boys Don’t Cry and Let’s Go to Bed, and my favourites: Charlotte Sometimes and Hanging Garden. I think it was at that point I started to cry a little.  

The performance was an epic 4 hours long, and quite possibly the best concert I will ever see in my life.



3 thoughts on “The Cure – Reflections – @ The Sydney Opera House 31/5/11

  1. Every now and then we have experiences that we think are so phenomenal, the words to describe them don’t seem to fit how the event felt (I hope that makes sense…!) and I get this kind of feeling from your post – if not the whole concert, certainly some parts of it. It sounds like The Cure supported themselves that night… I’m pleased for you that you enjoyed it! 😀

  2. gah!

    Robert Smith kicks so much a$$.

    what an amazing night – thanks so much for sharing!!! wonderful to even think about seeing them live…

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