Why I Don’t Like Facebook Anymore

The first decluttering action I’ve taken in my quest to simplify my life is to deactivate my Facebook account.

I used to love Facebook. Through it I was able to reconnect with so many old friends. It was wonderful to renew contact with school friends and old colleagues. We could satisfy our mutual curiosity about eachother, and answer the old, “What ever happened to…?” questions.

Through the regular status updates, I felt that I knew what was happening in the lives of friends living in different cities or countries. I could also keep up with the daily minutae of my friends’ lives here. I loved that.

Its been a few years however, and I’ve fallen out of love.

I’ve started to find those daily status updates irritating. Its really just a lot of inane small talk, which, while occasionally amusing, is usually fairly boring and inconsequential. I’d prefer to spend my time having some quality conversations rather than reading and contributing to the inanities of Facebook status updates. I find the blog community that I’ve become a part of far more satisfying. We have real conversations about real ideas – but to do that on Facebook would somehow seem inappropriate.

More concerningly, I’ve realised that Facebook is increasingly becoming a substitute for real communication, and a fairly poor substitute at that. Facebook takes all the effort and care out of communicating – its so easy to send a virtual Christmas Card or post a birthday message on someone’s wall. But while its easy, the gesture seems hollow. I remember a time when I would call my friends on their birthday, and when they would call me. There was a personal touch and a warmth to it that I miss. Its kind of like comparing food from a fast food outlet to a home cooked meal. Once in a while is alright, but you wouldn’t want to have it as your main source of nutrition.

In order to simplify my life, I’ve decided to remove the clutter. I’ll keep the things I need and the things that I love. I don’t need or love Facebook any more. Yesterday I deactivated my account and I couldn’t be happier with that.


30 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Facebook Anymore

  1. Not to mention the privacy and safety issues. This is why I never had a Facebook account in the first place. I don’t like Facebook at all myself…

    • I agree, and while they are constantly trying to reassure us that there are no real concerns, Facebook doesn’t seem to have a very good track record when it comes to ethics.

  2. The sad reality of our life is that many of us are addicted to it. I’m a Facebook wallflower, I have it but I rarely update. I just have it because most of my friends have it and I would like to delete it but just thought makes me panic. It makes me wonder if anyone will ever send me a text or call me since almost everyone communicates through Facebook. instead of using their phone or actual vocal communication. I’m glad that you had the strength to quit.

    • It sounds as if Facebook does meet more of a need in your life – if that is the main way your friends communicate and organise to get together it would be much harder for you to let it go than it was for me.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting – its always nice to know I’m not just sending all these thoughts out into a big empty void!

  3. Yeah, that is the main way my friends communicate so I can’t drop it yet. Eventually, I will because I want to.
    Most people read blogs, they just choose not to comment on any posts so people are reading this and maybe reflecting on their use of Facebook.

  4. I opened my Facebook account several years ago, but never really used it. One day, one of my friends spotted me on there and added me as a friend, and then it grew and grew. So now, I have quite a lot of friends on there, but I still don’t use it. There is one person who I am friends with the most, who I don’t see very often now, but even we don’t communicate on Facebook. I went to close my account the other day, and I received a message advising that this one friend would miss me. Out of all the people on there, they would have to use that one, wouldn’t they? But, considering I now have people from school who never liked me wanting me to be a friend, I’m wondering is it really worth it keeping the account going? I’m going to give this some thought, and I may once and for all close the thing for good! 😉

  5. interesting post. i’m a newbie to facebook, after years of resisting i finally joined while in another country – facebook was the primary way to keep in touch with people i was meeting.
    i think you offer some great insights and if it helps you declutter your life, then go for it. great insights and hope you share how this change is going for you.

    (very happy to know that you enjoy the conversations you have via blogs!)

    • I have to say, Facebook does have its uses, like keeping up with friends in distant places. Fortunately my overseas friends are on Twitter, so I can stay in touch with them that way. I don’t think I would have wanted to leave Facebook otherwise.

  6. Good on you with your decluttering. We just moved house and I was appalled at how much junk we’d accumulated. We ended up moving it all but I’ve been downsizing since. We can be just as happy with less. Am still ambivalent about Facebook though!


  7. I’m beginning to like Twitter better than Facebook. So much of FB is whining or complaining or just silly stuff. I learn nothing from it but am occasionally amused. I am having a terrible time connecting in real time with a group of friends who are on FB & make a big deal about friendship, but then when I try to get us all together for a lunch date, they have other things to do. Real friendship takes time.

    • I like Twitter more as well. On Twitter, people will share really interesting links and it seems more acceptable to have real conversations about real issues. FB seems full of inane comments and not much else.

  8. I agree with you. I recently deactivated my account. I’m happier and I feel like things are back to how they should be. The whole thing is just so shallow and 50% of my “friends” were annoying the crap out of me. Not to mention the wierdo stalker friends that jump in on conversations and stuff. It was not for me at all. It took guts but I knew I had to do it and it was worth it.

  9. I deactivated my Faceebook account over a year ago…maybe two. Doesn’t matter, I don’t miss it a bit. I don’t care for the wall of notes, I don’t care for the lack of security. And like you, Corisel, the update thing. It all seemed so trivial to me. I would say that blogging is a much better way to go, for everyone. We each have our own space to say and control what we want, when we want. We can all visit each other.
    I’m glad you quit…Your free now! Good for you!
    Oh, I like twitter too…Following you too. I’m glad I stopped in here today to meet you.
    Hugs, xx

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  15. I just deleted my FB account a couple of weeks ago and I feel like a load has been taken off of me. It became a competition for some and for others, I just couldn’t stand their updates anymore. I did feel like something could possibly be wrong with me because it seems everyone loves FB. So glad I ran across this blog. I too felt as if real conversation/topics weren’t of interest but rather lots of bragging. I really do have a wonderful life but don’t need someone to “like” my status to validate me or otherwise. Whew – guess I’m normal! 😉

  16. i have to deactivate my account too because of its burden that i feel like it’s been put on top of my head or a sticky thing that has been glued upon me. It felt horrible as I always looking at my friends post that looks annoying anymore. It is tiresome and boring to the fact that lies and deception too were there. i have to get rid of it.

  17. I deleted my personal facebook account as part of my New Year’s Resolution. I still have a business page but that is under threat as well because any appointments made through that medium tend to be a waste of time. facebook equals time wasted. I have deliberately used lower case because I don’t believe it deserves better.

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