Sunday Books – Uncharted Territory by Connie Willis

A friend of mine  recommended Connie Willis books  a while ago.Willis is an American Science Fiction writer with a number of Hugo awards.  

The book I’m reading is called Uncharted Territory. I’ve only just begun, at this stage  I’m not really sure what it is about, but so far I’ve found it very entertaining.

The events appear to be taking place in the future. A team from Earth are surveying a planet, helped along by the intelligent indigenous life forms, who seem to spend more time fining them than actually helping them.

The Earth government doesn’t want to be seen as imperialistic or taking advantage of the indigenous lifeforms, so they have implemented a number of laws, including some that allow the indigenous people to fine the surveyors for offences such as: ‘disturbing the ground’ or ‘speaking in an inappropriate tone and manner’. The indigenous people have realised they can make a lot of money out of fines, and give them out with great and  amusing frequency.

The dialogue between the characters is funny – which is a big statement from me, because, as I mentioned in a previous review, I’m not really a laugh-out-loud kind of reader. This book, however, has had me chuckling away under my breath.

The English language seems to have evolved in the future – at one point luggage was seen grazing on the land. I’m not sure what they were referring to, but at this stage I am assuming it is some sort of animal that may one day be turned into luggage.

So far, I’m finding the book refreshingly unpredictable – its keeping me entertained and I have absolutely no clue as to where the story is heading.

I’ll report back in once I’ve finished reading it.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Books – Uncharted Territory by Connie Willis

  1. perhaps they were skipping out the raising animals to be used as luggage to actually growing luggage instead of animals – less manufacturing to do if everything is born into the shapes and structures?

    sounds very interesting, looking forward to see how you continue to enjoy…

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