Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Its a holiday I rarely celebrate. When I was single, I used to find it a painful reminder of the fact I had no one to love, or who loved me. In the relationship I am in now, I find it unnecessary.  We don’t need a special date in order to be romantic and celebrate our relationship.

But too many of our traditions are disappearing. I’ve been teaching my class about the multitude of Japanese festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. Setsubun was only a couple of weeks ago, Hinamatsuri is only a couple of weeks away, and Hanami is just around the corner. These are fun and important days. Each has its own traditions, decorations, songs and costumes. People look forward to them, they enrich people’s lives.

In our modern, western, secular culture we seem to have done away with many traditions that enrich our culture. I think that’s a shame and have decided I want to hang on to them.

And so with that in mind, I shall be celebrating with my partner tonight at our local French restaurant.

It should be a lovely evening.

How about you. Do you think it is important to preserve our festivals?


6 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. For years I celebrated Valentines Day… generally with presents to the girl I loved (one year I arranged for a 30cm high piece of seam coal from Newcastle with a note that I was too poor to afford a diamond) then as years passed and I got married more thoughtful practical gifts became the focus (last year it was a push mower). However, I’ve never really gone all out with the nice dinner or dozen roses.

    I believe it’s important to have special days and festivals, and Valentines Day is one of those. Even if it’s

    him: hey, it’s valentines day
    her: really?
    him: yeah, corine just blogged about it
    her: uhha, how’s dinner coming along? I’m starving!

    it’s still a day which we might use in the future for something special. I might get Jo an edge cutter. Or she’ll see the rose petals in her gin and tonic and say

    “Well, and a happy valentines to you too… come here and geta kiss”*

    * I didn’t need the rose petals after all

  2. I think I’d rather revive some lost old ones which are less commercialised. Now I want to go find some old medieval festivals which are no longer celebrated… 🙂

  3. Actually I do make an effort with Valentine’s Day after years of pretending it wasn’t happening (while IN a relationship. Hmm.). After that relationship ended, I now make sure that I remember a card and some chocolates or maybe a spiffy dessert to look forward to. Nothing fancy or expensive, just a way of acknowledging that a bit of romance is nice sometimes. Also that my partner is pretty damn ace 🙂

  4. sure it’s important, but i also think that we can pick and chose which ones suit us and the people we love. i think traditions are important,but more important are the ones that have personal significance. for some, it is all about Valentine’s Day, for others Lupercalia is more important.

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