Two Things I Didn’t Take into Account

Just over two weeks ago I developed a routine which I thought would help me keep some balance in my life once I returned to work. It worked well for a week and a half.

Only I forgot to account for a few things:

1. Insomnia. I forgot that when I am working, I usually suffer sleep maintenance insomnia. I fall asleep easily, but I wake each night any time from 1:30-4:00am. Once I’m awake, I stay awake. It really doesn’t matter how much time I schedule in my routine for sleep – I just don’t get anywhere near enough.

2. February Heat Wave. Here in Sydney, February is usually a very hot and  humid month. But even by our standards, the last week has been excessivly hot with temperatures soaring in the mid to high 30s  (95-104F) each day. In their wisdom, our state government does not provide air conditioning to schools in Sydney’s North and East. We are too close to the coast. Inland schools are air conditioned as the temperatures there are even worse.

We don’t have air conditioning at home either.

The combination of excessive heat and humidity, along with very little sleep each night has made me really tired each evening. By 8pm my eyess are heavy and I find it hard to keep them open, let alone do anything remotely productive, like writing this blog, or relaxing like reading a book.

I’m still keeping up with the essential things: I’m cooking healthy meals, keeping the house clean, staying on top of my workload (just) and doing some exercise each morning. But the fun stuff is disappearing –  there’s been no reading and very little blogging.

Hopefully when the southerly change comes through tomorrow afternoon, the temperature will come down, my energy levels will improve and life’s balance will be restored.


5 thoughts on “Two Things I Didn’t Take into Account

  1. Regarding the sleep thing… I think that our bodies ‘know’ if we’ve had enough sleep, even if we think we haven’t. I regularly wake up at around 1am, but I’ve managed to get myself into a routine where I can go back to sleep again, but nowadays I’m not overly concerned with waking early. I think that if I’m tired, the sleep I have covers it – even if I don’t sleep as long as I thought I was going to – then again, maybe that’s just me!

    Anyway, I hope you get your balance soon!

    • I think you’re right about your body knowing what you need- and I try not to worry about not getting enough sleep when I do wake up in the night. At the moment though, my body and mind aren’t really working together well – I feel exhausted and I’ve been quite irritable and clumsy, which happens when I’m tired. So my body is saying it needs sleep, but my mind on the other hand is saying it wants time to think and plan all sorts of things.

  2. oh sorry to know about the heat wave – this is a real bummer. i hope you are still able to, if not sleep then at least do some deep breathing so at least then you’ll be relaxed.

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