Getting Organised 1 – The CD Collection

Our CD collection is a recurring organisational challenge. My partner and I love music and we have a lot of CDs. We tried various methods of storing them but our collection kept out growing our systems. We’d end up with CDs stacked in any available space and it had become almost impossible to find what we were looking for. When we would open our cupboards CDs would fall clattering to the floor as well, which caused a fair bit of frustration and damage.

This summer, after reaching the end of my patience with our collection, I finally decided to get it organised.

To organise the CD collection I needed some modular storage boxes and a label maker. By modular, I mean storage boxes that are stackable and will fit inside our cupboards. The first couple of boxes I tried wouldn’t fit inside our fairly shallow cupboard space. I mention this, because if you wish to follow the same system, you might want to measure up your cupboard or shelving space first.

Happily for us, Ikea, who manufactured our shelves, also stock storage boxes designed to fit in them.

It took about half a day to get the CDs into boxes. I simply organised them alphabetically by artist. I also had a couple of boxes devoted to “Various”. Bands that we follow closely, like The Church required their own boxes. Using the label maker, I printed some tags for the outside of the boxes so we know what is inside them. As our collection grows, I’ll just adjust the tags to suit it.

We’ve both been very happy with our new system. For the first time in a long time we can find what we are looking for quickly, and going through the sorting process reminded us of a few treasures we had forgotten all about.

What are some of your organisational challenges? Found anything that works?


7 thoughts on “Getting Organised 1 – The CD Collection

  1. Oh my gawd – I am in serious awe of your music collection! Slightly jealous too I suspect 😉

    No helpful hints I’m afraid, I think I just need a bigger place!!

  2. I love your boxes. They are clean and neat looking and line up well on your shelf. I carry a bunch of CDs in my car and my husband’s collection goes on a turntable that sits on top of cabinet in our bedroom. I don’t buy many CDs anymore as I download any music I like from iTunes and keep it stored on my computer and iPhone.

    We do have a small record collection. Remember vinyl?

    • I’m so glad you like them. I really like the white boxes too – they had coloured and patterned options, but I thought these looked neat. I DO remember vinyl! We still have a collection of records we bought in the 70s and 80s which we dust off and play sometimes. 🙂

      • You still have a turntable? Terry put all of this records on TAPE (remember that?) years ago when he worked for an agency that had the recording equipment to do so. Of course, now it’s hard to find a tape player and the tape will not outlast the vinyl. Isn’t it amazing how our technologies have changed?

      • Funny too how everything old becomes new again. The band I mentioned in Thursday’s blog also released their album on vinyl, as have a few others lately. It seems to be back in fashion.

  3. Hmm, some of my organisational challenges… easier to list the stuff I don’t have a problem with! Err… or not…

    Solutions? I’ve found a few that have reduced the issue from catastrophic proportions to merely bad… but it’s all a work in progress!

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