I’m Reorganising my Blog

Knotrune has inspired me to reorganise my blog. At the moment it is a haphazard collection of thoughts on an array of topics, and tends to be determined by whatever my current obsession is. While those of you who are my friends are good enough to read it regularly, the lack of focus does not exactly encourage people to follow it. One moment it will be about books, then suddenly I’ll add several posts in a row about music, then cooking, then technology, then back to books.

So here is the structure I am going to try to follow in the immediate future:

Monday – Manners and Etiquette

Tuesday – Technology

Wednesday – Organisation (I lifted this topic from Knotrune – hope that’s okay with you.)

Thursday – Music

Friday – Food

Saturday – General, uncategorised musings

Sunday – Books.

Okay, I know it looks as if I’ll be posting every day, but I have no intention of that. It might be possible now, while I’m on holidays, but I can’t see myself able to continue once I go back to work. What I will do though is make better use of the drafts area in WordPress. When I decide I feel like writing, I’ll add my entry to the draft area and just schedule it to be published on the appropriate day – that way, if I want to go on and on about a subject I can, but readers won’t be bombarded with the same theme day after day after day.


7 thoughts on “I’m Reorganising my Blog

  1. Great idea! I’m glad I was patient enough to read your whole post I was going to look stupid to suggest what you already came up with. =P Writing whatever you feel like but then posting it on the appropriate day.

    • It may be a challenge to cut back on that area, but I’m determined. Actually, I need a better title for that section – I want to write about how we get along with people in different situations. I’m constantly finding myself perplexed by social interactions. I don’t really want to write about how to hold your cutlery correctly and whether it is correct to eat your bread roll before or with the meal at a restaurant. Any suggestions for a better category title?

  2. Strictly speaking I’m planning to blog about disorganisation as I am better at that! 😀 I’m flattered, of course it’s OK with me – I shall make a point of visiting on Wednesdays to see if you have any tips 🙂

    The drafts section is very useful. I plan to use it more myself, if I can ever get ahead of myself enough to actually manage to write some posts in advance…

    • Hehehe – My strength lies more in the area of disorganization as well – which is why organization is a fascinating topic for me. I get really excited if I find a method that works.

  3. Possibly “Sociology?” It’s a slightly limiting term, but possibly more to what you’re trying to say than etiquette.

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