New Years Resolutions

I do love making New Year Resolutions. I take my time with them and often spend much of January figuring them out.It’s possibly not really the best time for that, as I’m on holiday and therefore have all this time on my hands – once I return towork many of the resolutions seem a little difficult to maintain.

This is my list so far:

1. Bake my own bread. This came in part as a result of our trip to Ireland last year. The bread was so delicious that it reminded me of how good home baked bread is. Its easy too, though you do have to commit to being home for half a day to keep an eye on rising dough, etc. The recipe I’ve had most success with so far is here:

2. Do a little Yoga every day. I really hate most forms of exercise, but I find yoga calming and like the strength and flexibility it brings. As soon as the school term recommences I plan to take up classes. In the meantime I’ve downloaded Yoga HD, an iPad app which is actually really good. You can put together your own routines out of a bank of around 200 asanas. It also has preprogrammed routines. I’ve been doing one of the 30 minute beginner workouts – and it’s hard work, but definitely effective for building up core strength. I’ve also been feeling it building up strength in my arms.

3. Take a photo every day. Well, I thought it could be fun to try and keep up with this – kind of like a visual diary. At the end of the year I want to put them together into some sort of presentation.

4. Take control of my finances. When I was younger and earning less, I needed a very restrictive budget just to make sure I had food in the cupboard – and sometimes I didn’t even have that. But in the past few years, I’ve moved into a much more comfortable position, and rebelling against the suffocating restrictions of earlier budgets, have been spending money like it’s air. I want something – I buy it. Its time to reign it all in and start taking control again. After all I’m not getting any younger – in my old age I don’t want to be living in poverty because I blew all my salary on cofffee, apps and other fluff. To do this,  I downloaded an app that syncs with my iPad and iPhone called Home Budget. There are a number of similar apps, but this had good reviews, and so far I’m very happy with it.

5. A late addition to my list: WordPress is running a ‘postaday’ and ‘postaweek’ challenge for 2011. I’ll be attempting to fulfil the post a week one.  So I guess, for the time being at least, you’ll be hearing a little more from me.


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