My iPad love affair continues

My iPad and I are celebrating our 2 month anniversary. Just after I purchased it, I blogged about my initial delight with it, and after 2 months, I am happy to say, the love affair is continuing. I’m starting to integrate it into my life more and more.

Sadly, I have not found it to be of much assistance at work. If I could find a good database app that could somehow sync with Access, however, I would have a few more possibilities. As one of the few touch typists in my organization, I frequently take the minutes at our meetings and distribute them to staff. Our staffroom set up means I have my back to the meeting when I type at the computer. lately I’ve been enjoying sitting facing the meeting, rather than off in the corner while recording minutes using Pages. The iPad is light and doesn’t heat up like a laptop, so it’s easy to keep on my lap. I then email the minutes to work.

Occasionally I use Safari to check work emails, and of course I continue to use productivity apps like Evernote and Todo to help keep me organised, but apart from that, I haven’t found any uses for the iPad at work that couldn’t be achieved more easily using our desktop pcs.


I’ve been keeping a journal for years, but my hand gets sore if I write too much, so I prefer typing. Journalling is not an activity I like to do on the computer. Its a reflective process which I like to do at a cafe, on the couch or in bed. I’ve been using Chapters, which allows me to keep more than one journal and is password protected.

The Stream To Me app, combined with RDesktop have made my recent sick days much more enjoyable. Using Stream To Me, I was able to watch several episodes of Mad Men, and then the movie “Dead Man” which I blogged about recently. When I ran out of things to watch, I could remotely contact my pc using RDesktop and download more video to its hard drive. I was quite pleased by Stream To Me’s ability to play .avi files. I’d heard it was unreliable, but they played very smoothly for me.

Borders continues to be my favourite e-reading app, mainly due to the greater variety of books accessible to Australian readers.

Finally, Movies by Flixter. This app requires wireless or 3G but it really is excellent. It provides a list of all the movies showing in your local area, the different cinemas and session times, as well as reviews from Rotten Tomatoes.


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