They do look similar in this hat

It’s hardly surprising that my current fixation on Jack White should lead me back to my recurring fascination with the work of Johnny Depp. I think they look quite similar in this hat.

The second picture is from “Dead Man”, directed by Jim Jarmusch with a haunting soundtrack from Neil Young. It’s one of my favourite films, but its not for everyone. The couple I first saw it with walked out.

The story is set in the 1870s. Johnny Depp plays accountant, William Blake, who travels to the frontier town of Machine to take up a position in the local metalworking factory. He arrives a month too late and discovers the position has already been filled. With no money, and no where to go he inadvertently becomes involved in a shootout which leaves him injured, but also responsible for shooting Charlie, the son of the metal working factory proprietor. He flees into the wilderness where he meets Nobody, a Native American, who guides him on a journey, both spiritual and physical.

Like all good journey movies, Depp’s character is transformed. He begins as a timid, weak character who is awkward and out of place in the cruel and unforgiving world of Machine. Life is unfair to him, but his protestations seem weak and futile. Nobody believes him to be the reincarnation of the poet, William Blake, and the authorities believe him to be a  murderer. By the end of his journey, having embraced his destiny, he has truly become both of these.

The movie is sad, inspiring, humourous and brutal. Its one that I keep returning to.

The soundtrack was apparently improvised by Neil Young as he watched the film alone in a recording studio. You can hear it on the trailer here.


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