The Charlatans @The Metro 11/11/10

We went to see The Charlatans play at The Metro Theatre in Sydney on Thursday night. I didn’t really know what to expect from the gig, but it turned out to be excellent. Tim Burgess (vocals) is an engaging and charismatic performer who it was hard to look away from. He poured so much energy into his performance, and interacted well with the crowd. Every now and then he would pick someone out, make eye contact with them and grin madly as if he was truly happy to see them. It was a total contrast to the rather surly Ian McCulloch of Echo and The Bunnymen. When we saw them earlier in the year at the same venue, he insisted on performing in almost total darkness and on various occasions hurled abuse at the audience – though it was hard to work out exactly what he was saying due to his thick, Liverpuddlian accent.


About half way through the Charlatans gig, a huge mosh pit broke out around me, and I spent much of the remainder of the concert being squashed against unknown men, as the crowd pushed against me from behind. On the bright side, that brought me closer to the stage, enabling me to be on the receiving end, of one of Tim Burgess’s previously mentioned winning smiles. He must have sung to me for at least 5 seconds.

I also managed to souvenir a play list:


 1. Then

2. Weirdo

3. Can’t Get Out of Bed

4. Black ‘n Blue Eyes

5. Smash the System

6. You’re so Pretty

7. One to Another

8. Your Pure Soul

9. Tellin’ Stories

10. My Beautiful Friend

11. Oh Vanity

12. My Foolish Pride

13. Inasanity

14. Misbegotten

15. The Only One I Know

16. Northern Country Boy

18. This is the End


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