Loving the iPad

Yesterday I bought an iPad. The security guard who checked my bags as I left JB HiFi commented that it was an ” extravagant” purchase, and he was right. I really cannot justify spending money on this, except for the fact that I earned it and therefore can spend it how I please. And so, for the last 24 hours, I’ve been making the most of it.

The main application I thought I would use it for was as an ereader, but since I’ve had the iPad at home, I’ve been impressed by it’s potential in other areas. I DO use my phone to browse the net a lot at home. The computer is great, but I don’t always want to be sitting in front of it. The last two evenings I’ve enjoyed being able to just sit in front of the television, while following twitter feeds or checking imdb to find out what some of the actors who I recognize but cannot name may have done previously.

The case (purchased separately) enables the iPad to sit comfortably on my knees or the coffee table at a comfortable angle for browsing or typing.

Today I downloaded Pages and was so impressed by the interface that the iPad may well become my primary device for creating documents. The touch screen made the experience feel much more immediate, like writing on paper. There is no intermediary between me a the written product. I loved it’s tactile nature and the ease with which images and tables can be dragged around, resized or rotated using just one or two fingers. It was very Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

Some commentators complain about the onscreen keyboard. To be honest, for most applications I don’t think it is problematic; however, inputing a lot of text, as I am doing now, is certainly clumsier. I may be tempted to buy a wireless keyboard if I continue to write a lot.

I’ve also enjoyed it’s media applications. We don’t have a radio in our kitchen or bedroom. Today I enjoyed streaming digital radio via Pocket Tunes. I could do this with my iPhone as well, but it’s good to be able to listen without headphones.

I downloaded the iPad version of Words with Friends. It was so much easier to play scrabble on the larger screen, and once again i could do this while lounging on the couch.

Finally, I acquired the ‘WordPress’ app. And here I am in bed, updating my blog.

So, my initial verdict is that it was money well spent. I love to be able to work on the couch or in bed as I am now. I prefer it to a laptop as it is less bulky and more comfortable to engage with.


3 thoughts on “Loving the iPad

  1. Where are you getting e-books from? My mother was given an iPad mainly with the aim of using it as an e-reader, but they’ve been disappointed that they can’t buy books from Amazon. Any suggestions?


    • Borders is probably her best option. They have a very good app which allows you to download and read books from their Australian bookstore, and the interface is very nice for reading. It has quite an extensive range with most popular books, but sometimes it can be a little expensive. She could also download Stanza or ereader and shop from books on board or fictionwise. The only problem with those shops is that many of the books have geographic rights restrictions on them, so you can’t finish the transactions. Stanza also allows access to a large catalogue of free books – most of the classics are available for free through their catalogue.

    • Update: your mother can buy books from amazon as well now through the kindle app. They opened their bookstore to Australians a few months ago and it’s cheaper than borders – not as many Australian authors though.

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