Twilight – Chapter 2

Synopsis (Spoiler alert)

First, Bella’s mum emails her to find out where her pink blouse is, then Bella discovers that after years of living alone her father can only cook fried eggs. Now I did find that all rather hard to believe. Bella cooked him up a steak the next night which he enjoyed – but come on, really – its not that hard to throw a steak on the grill. Her parents really are useless.

At school Mike follows Bella around like a loyal puppy and it is clear Eric is jealous – though it’s also clear Bella has no interest either of them. She is distracted by the fact that Edward hasn’t returned to school since their unpleasant encounter in biology class and can’t help thinking his absence has somehow been caused by her. But finally, after 4(?) days he returns. He looks different – with more colour in his cheeks.

When they are forced to be lab partners in biology class, he is surprisingly friendly. She ends up telling him why she came to Forks (so her mother could travel with her pro sportsman husband) and he perceives that she is not as happy as she appears on the surface. Bella is amazed at his ability to read her.

Bella also impresses both Edward and her teacher with her knowledge of Science. However just before the end of the lesson Edward starts clenching his fists and leaning away from her again.

So here’s what I think is going on:
Edward wasn’t angry at Bella after all, in Chapter One. He was overcome by bloodlust. He has obviously fed which explains the colour in his cheeks and his ability to be civil. But after an hour in her presence it kicks in again causing him to act as if repulsed.

He does behave like an abusive husband or boyfriend though – one moment cruel and the next moment kind. He will mess with her head if he keeps that up.


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